“SaNaSa” polyclinic is the first private medical centar in Sarajevo who started in jun 1999. year. It’s equiped by europian standards,  it can be approval with top and high quality equipment for treatments, diagnostics and competent medical staff which represents a great combintion for success. “SaNaSa” is a project of foreign investitors who invest  about 3.000.000,00 KM in modern equipment and object on area 800 m/2.
Polyclinic is placed in quiet part of Grbavica settlement, not far away from main street, in Grbavička nr.74 street.
The most interests and attention we give to our pacients, and we tend to give them quality and complete health care in one place.
We are the only private polyclinic with constantly employed  doctors who have a work time from 09-18h, every work day (saturdays from 09-14h). If there is a necessity or emergency, work time can be extend. For all our pacients who can’t visit our polyclinic centar, for any causes, we organize a home visit and house health care.
Our purpose is:
1. Healthcare for all citizens
2. Employment of competent domestic staff who manage their work professionaly and human.
3. Constant improvement existing services and introducing a new activities whicha are unavailable in city and country.
4. Permanent education of employees.
5. Profit is not a priority, which can be seen from our price list of services, where we managed to adjust it for most citizens.
“SaNaSa” polyclinic can approve with successful cooperation with many well known and recognized clients, firms, foreign organizations and great number of embassies, through different kinds of agreements and contracts.
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