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Instructons for preparation of our pacients in a matter of laborytory results you can find on link services.
address:   Grbavička 74, 71000 Sarajevo
    Bosna i Hercegovina
tel.:   + 387 33 661 840
tel./fax.   + 387 33 661 841:
e-mail:   [email protected]liklinikasanasa.com
“SaNaSa” polyclinic is the first private medical centar in Sarajevo who started in jun 1999. year. It’s equiped by europian standards,  it can be approval with top and high quality equipment for treatments, diagnostics and competent Weiblich ...
The most interests and attention we give to our pacients, and we tend to give them quality and complete health care in one place...
We complete our new web site presentacion where you can find main informations about our services, prices, etc.
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